#10 Mario Party 2


  • Original release year: 1999
  • Consoles: N64

Being on about its 40th iteration now, it’s hard to imagine, but there was once a time when the Mario Party series was a unique and interesting concept. Although party style multiplayer games are now a dime a dozen, if you go back to the year 2000 (when Mario Party 2 was released in North America and Europe), there really wasn’t that many of them about. The concept was simple. Get three (or more, if you wanted) of your mates ’round and enjoy a board game, that can take as long as monopoly, but with a twist. It was full of really fun mini games (65 of them, no less), items that can really mess things up for other players (think Mario Kart), charm and lots of original ideas.

Mario Party is all about the mini-games that broke N64 controllers around the world. That, and stealing your friend's stars.
Mario Party is all about the mini-games that broke N64 controllers around the world. That, and stealing your friend’s stars.

Once you have a few friends over, after a few rounds of Mario Party 2, you’ll find it difficult to put the game down. Most of the mini-games are a lot of fun and it doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual gamer, Mario Party is accessible to gamers of various ages and skill levels.

Honestly, it may be seen by some as “a game for kids” (what Nintendo title doesn’t get branded with that title?), but I can safely say as grown adults, a bunch of my friends and I had an absolute blast playing Mario Party 2 at one of my mate’s parties shortly after we all finished university. Beer, barbeque and Mario Party 2? It’s all a good party needs.

After buying Mario Party 10 for the Wii U last year, I can safely say that Mario Party 2 is the only Mario Party game you need (although 1, 3 and 4 are all pretty good too). It’s the best game in the series and even 16 years later, it’s still as fun and addictive as ever.

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