#22 Strider


  • Original release year: 1989
  • Consoles: Arcade, Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System, PC Engine (later: Wii)

Goddam that cover art is shit. What was up with that? The Japanese art was pretty awesome and then they ruined it all by doing something stupid like shitting out this mess? Oh well.

Strider was released originally in 1989 as an arcade title, but it is the 1990 Genesis/Mega Drive version that I personally know best. In fact, besides last year’s remake/reboot that was released on the PS4 and Xbox One (and PS3 and Xbox 360, I believe), it’s the only version I have played.

In retrospect, Strider may look a little simple by today’s standards. Especially with titles like Assassin’s Creed and parkour mechanics in general being hugely popular, but back in 1989, Strider was mesmerising. Strider Hiryu was possibly the most athletic character ever created in video games upon the game’s release in arcades. Not only can Strider run, jump and swing his sword, he can also slide across the ground, do flips, swing from parts of buildings, climb walls and scale scaffolding, making Strider one of the most versatile and fun titles for its time, controlling like a dream.

Most walls are scalable.
Most walls are scalable.

I always remember thinking Strider looked so cool as a kid, but sadly I didn’t actually buy it until a couple of years ago, whilst going through a short collecting spree for the Mega Drive console. My memories of it as a kid though were playing it over at a friend’s house when I was in primary school. I just remember thinking it looked so damn cool.

From the word go, Strider is action-packed, slashing, running and jumping fun. Despite being an early Mega Drive/Genesis game, Strider benefits from decent visuals, excellent music and fantastic gameplay. Having played some of the game this evening, I can safely say that Strider still plays as brilliantly as ever. This is one title that has barely aged one bit and It’s all down to just how wonderfully agile the character is and how well the game plays.

3 thoughts on “#22 Strider

  1. It’s won of the best nes game it’s like blaster master with a Shenmue feel too it .lots of nes game are like that just like Shenmue kung fu practice is like leveling up on random battle in final fantasy so you do not get beat up in the future allso nes strider had great music


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