#32 Quake III: Arena


  • Original release year: 1999
  • Consoles: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Dreamcast, PS2 (later: Xbox 360)

Having discussed Unreal Tournament yesterday, I feel it’s only fair to discuss its bitter rival today. Although, it’s worth me noting that whilst Quake III is often more remembered as a PC title, it is also loved by the loyal Dreamcast fanbase, of which I definitely identify myself with, who remember it as another great game that showcased the power of the Dreamcast. Online console multiplayer might be all the rage nowadays, but some of us were rocking the 56k modem (32k here in Europe) on the Dreamcast before you noobs were even born.

Not quite as gory as Unreal Tournament, but the blood effects are still lovely.
Not quite as gory as Unreal Tournament, but the blood effects are still lovely.

Quake III is fast and brutal and is very similar to Unreal Tournament. Like the aforementioned,  Quake III Arena does not have a plot-based single-player campaign, but instead, simulates the multiplayer experience, by allowing you to play with computer controlled, AI bots. Or, you can play online against real people.

There are a ton of weapons, lots of maps and a variety of match types. Ultimately though, as different and as good as it is, it’s hard not to compare it to Unreal Tournament and, frankly, it’s just not quite as good. Either way, it’s still well worth a play.


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