#42 Pushover

Pushover Screenshot3n

  • Original release year: 1992
  • Consoles: Amiga, Atari ST, Dos, SNES

I believe Pushover is the very first puzzle game I ever played. It does hold a special place for me and I do feel very nostalgic when I play it, but I think, in its defence, it is still undoubtedly an incredibly unique and interesting title.

The concept is very simple and yet feels very clever. We all played and tried creating the most elaborate domino shows when we were younger, where you would stand the dominoes in a long line so that when the first tile is toppled, it topples the second, which topples the third, etc. Pushover takes this concept and turns it into an addictive and fun puzzle game.

Levels look like this. Each one is a unique puzzle to solve.
Levels look like this. Each one is a unique puzzle to solve.

Pushover is equipped with 100 levels, with the main objective of each level being to knock all of the dominoes over. The catch is, however, that you only have one push in order to knock all the dominoes down before the time runs out and the last domino that falls, must be the one that is marked with three red stripes. So you’re going to need to move the dominoes into the correct positions in order to make them all fall in the correct manner. This sounds simple, but not all the dominoes react in the same manner, as there are some special dominoes. The yellow ones will fall in the standard, predictable manner, but many are also marked with different patterns which have several effects. For example, some continue to flip continuously (and will bounce off a ‘blocking’ domino), others destroy and repair gaps and there are many other types. So, to sum up; move dominoes into the correct position, knock them over, run to the door and escape, all before the time runs out.

When it comes down to it, Pushover is no Tetris. It’s not as addictive and it lacks a score tracking system to really encourage you to replay levels in order to beat a score. That said, it’s clever in its design and although is simplistic in terms of its concept, it is inventive with its puzzles in such a way that makes the game avoid repetition. Pushover is a unique and incredibly fun title that’s well worth giving a shot.

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