#49 Headhunter


  • Original release year: 2001
  • Consoles: Dreamcast, PS2

Headhunter is an awesome game, albeit one that has aged quite a bit since its release. What Headhunter does well though (and in this respect, reminds me a little of Shenmue), is it authentically creates a world with great detail. The gameplay is a little clunky at times and it did arguably rip off other popular games (noticeably Metal Gear Solid), but it also implements many of its own ideas that make it an experience to play. In particular, the story is top notch and very different to that of Metal Gear Solid.

Headhunter is set in the future and the story is about a new initiative where criminals are punished for their crimes by not just being imprisoned, but also by having their internal organs surgically removed to benefit the wealthier sector of society. You play as protagonist, Jack Wade, who awakes in a secret laboratory and escapes. He eventually finds out he was a Headhunter and has amnesia. He regains his Headhunter licence and embarks on a murder investigation, as well as trying to remember more about his past.

A big open city to explore, ride your motorbike wherever you want and yup, this was all before GTA III.
A big open city to explore, ride your motorbike wherever you want and yup, this was all before GTA III.

The game features a hub world, a large open world city, that Jack can explore on his motorbike (this is pre-GTA3 and therefore rather impressive for the time). Once you reach your location, the action based gameplay is a mix of Resident Evil style puzzles, Metal Gear Solid stealth and general third person shooting mechanics.

One thought on “#49 Headhunter

  1. Great review. I absolutely adored this game when it was released, and love it even more today. The only thing that I was displeased about was that it was way too short, but that is not taking anything from the game.

    I would love a remaster, with more levels, more story and multiple endings.


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