#55 Super Monkey Ball


  • Original release year: 2001
  • Consoles: Arcade, GameCube

After Sega finally died as a console maker, I was understandably pretty gutted. You have to understand that I was a Mega Drive kid growing up and I even supported the Saturn in the 32 bit era and loved the Dreamcast. Fortunately, after the death of the Dreamcast, Sega continued to make high quality, unique games that were fun for all the family (albeit, for a short while, before the quality arguably started to degrade). Super Monkey Ball is one of those games that came after the death of the Dreamcast and just had such a weird and bizarre concept, but is just so addictive and fun. Especially if you play multiplayer with some friends.

For those that don’t know, Super Monkey Ball has you controlling the floor beneath a monkey in a ball as you try and move him quickly (yet gently) through different mazes and obstacles, to the finish line. It’s a bit like those old marble maze games, where you try and tilt the object in order to move the marble through a maze and try to get it to the end, only it’s a video game… with monkeys… inside balls. Genius, right?

Super Monkey Ball has plenty of mini games and party games for multiplayer fun.
Super Monkey Ball has plenty of mini games and party games for multiplayer fun.

Super Monkey Ball also features a whole load of mini games and party games that are great for group sessions. In fact, for a lot of people, these became the main attraction. My friends and I spent hours trying to beat each other at ‘monkey bowling’ and ‘monkey target’ in particular’.

There have been a number of Super Monkey Ball games since, but arguably none have managed to surpass the quality of the original game. I personally find the second game possibly does (it has more mini games too!), but not everyone agrees, especially as they changed the formula in some of the mini games (like Monkey Target) and not everyone was a fan of the changes.

2 thoughts on “#55 Super Monkey Ball

  1. I loved the first two games so much, and think it’s such a shame the series kind of progressively degraded after that, and apparently now, disappeared entirely =/ The change in design of the monkeys from Banana Blitz onward kind of annoyed me too.

    Monkey Target was indeed better in the first game, though 😉

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    1. Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 were pretty similar in their style and design. 2 was essentially just more of 1 (more mini games and the main mode now had an, admittedly slightly pointless, story). I love them both and they each have their pros and cons. I also have to agree Monkey Target was definitely better in the first game 😉

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