#57 Chroma Squad

chroma 2015-05-04_00011

  • Original release year: 2015
  • Consoles: PC, OS X, Linux (later coming to PS4, Xbox One)

Go go Mighty Morphin’ Power Ra… Actually, this isn’t Power Rangers, nor is it the Japanese original Super Sentai, but it is a love letter to those two franchises.

Chroma Squad is essentially a ‘Power Rangers’ simulator/Tactical, Strategy RPG. Whilst filming an episode for a popular television show, the actors become annoyed at the direction the series is taking and decide to leave the show to form their own ‘Sentai’ studio. From there, you will play through episodes and seasons of the show, through lots of original storylines, with the ability to customise and upgrade costumes, weapons, zord parts and so on.

There's plenty of storylines and dialogue too.
There’s plenty of storylines and dialogue too.

Gameplay is inspired by X-COM, with you controlling the spandex-clad team of super heroes as they fight enemies and monsters in each episode. Like the traditional strategy RPGs that inspired Chroma Squad, the battles are turn-based and tactical, like Shining Force and the like. Just like in Power Rangers and Super Sentai, at the end of the battles, the team will combine their powers to destroy main monster for that episode. There are also Megazord battles, which work in a slightly different manner.

As I mentioned in the second paragraph, Chroma Squad also works as a Power Rangers (or Super Sentai if you’re a purist) simulator. What this means is you are essentially running the production of a new Power Rangers-like show and you need to gain and keep as many fans as possible. So that means you’ll be hiring marketing firms, making improvements to the production, whether it’s upgrading cameras or buying new lights for example. The more fans you gain, the more money you will make. You can then use the money made from episodes to then buy weapons and armor for your team, as well as other perks.

It wouldn't be a Sentai/Power Rangers parody without zord battles!
It wouldn’t be a Sentai/Power Rangers parody without zord battles!

Overall, Chroma Squad is not a flawless game. It’s also not the most original game of all time, when you actually get down to the core gameplay. That said, Chroma Squad is full of charm and so much effort was put into making it such a joyful tribute to the Sentai/Power Rangers series, that it’s hard not to fall in love with the game, especially if you grew on and love(d) Power Rangers or Super Sentai.

At the moment, the game is just for PC, Linux and Mac, but the developers are working on console versions, as well as possibly tablet/mobile versions, so watch out for those.

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