#60 D2


  • Original release year: 1999
  • Consoles: Dreamcast

Written and directed by the late Kenji Eno, D2 is another early Dreamcast game that was both ambitious, yet flawed. Kenji was always trying to create unique games  and although a lot of his ideas didn’t quite work previously, D2 was probably his best game.

I love quite a lot of the objectively speaking flawed, wacky survival horror games of the late 90s/early 2000s. One that always stood out to me was the late Kenji Eno’s D2, which was definitely his ‘piece de resistance’ after trying so many weird ideas that never quite clicked with a lot of critics. I appreciate all his works, but D2 is my favourite.

The game is set in the Canadian wilderness, where the player is free to explore. The gameplay is similar to that of Resident Evil, featuring puzzles and boss battles, but it also has random battle encounters and levelling up, similar to a RPG. When a random encounter occurs, the viewpoint changes to first person and you must shoot at the monsters, but you are unable to physically move (for some strange reason), so you just kinda stand still like an idiot, waving your gun around, shooting at monsters that you should probably just be running away from… As daft as it sounds though, it kinda works.

Although D2's environments are a little samey, it's still very nice to look at.
Although D2’s environments are a little samey, it’s still very nice to look at.

In addition to shooting monsters and puzzle solving, you can also hunt animals which will provide health in addition to the first aid sprays you can find. This is certainly an interesting feature, although you might want to keep the game away from your knee-jerk liberal vegan buddies.

The gameplay can be a little off at times, but graphical presentation, music and deep storytelling was enough to keep me engaged to the end. It has its flaws, but D2 is still well worth giving a shot.

One thought on “#60 D2

  1. This game has really good graphics for the Dreamcast and it reminds me of John Carpenters The Thing. I sadly feel like this title would have been a bit better if it didn’t force first person view for combat. With that said it’s still an underrated little gem. One of the best games I’ve played and the graphics on the boss battles shows off the power of the Dreamcast. A lot of detail went into the bosses.


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