#66 Final Fantasy VII

final fantasy vii

  • Original release year: 1997
  • Consoles: PS1, Windows (later: PS3, PS4, iOS)

Ah Final Fantasy VII; the best Final Fantasy game of all time? The best RPG of all time? The best game, period, of all time? Well, maybe not quite, but the game is rightfully considered a classic.

Final Fantasy VII is a game that you should have heard of and hopefully you will have played (who hasn’t?). If it wasn’t for the Windows version for PC, releasedĀ about six months after the Playstation original, this may have been the game that convinced me I needed a Sony Playstation (well actually, I probably wanted one anyway, but being a 9 or 10 year old child, I didn’t have much say in the matter).

What made Final Fantasy VII so special, so magical, besides it being the first real Final Fantasy game to be released in Europe, was it being the first great RPG to be released in the 32-bit era (at least, that I played). For that reason alone, FFVII holds a special place in my heart. Gone were the overhead 2D visuals, gone were cartridges (oh Nintendo, who knows? FFVII could have been a N64 title if you hadn’t stubbornly kept the cartridge format) and in its place, we were given a cinematic, huge 3D adventure set across three compact discs, with beautiful, stunning cd-quality music and sound effects.

Combat is turn-based, as you'd expect.
Combat is turn-based, as you’d expect.

Final Fantasy VII has fantastic characters, the sound is amazing, the materia system worked incredibly well and the story flow is near impeccable. Admittedly, in more recent times, there has been somewhat of a backlash from some gamers who believe FFVII is overrated. Admittedly, the turn-based combat is fairly standard by today’s standards, the graphics have aged, the character models are crude and yes, the translation, at times, plain sucks (grammatical errors are aplenty), but there’s just something that I love about it. The atmosphere is just perfect.

The story is dark and gritty and I love the characters that are developed within FFVII’s world. There’s also some humorous moments that compliment the serious tone of the game’s story perfectly. Like when you, the player as Cloud, must wonder around the slums of Midar, with the flower girl, Aeris, as you search for materials to help you put together a disguise as an attractive woman, to sneak into the mansion of a dirty pimp, in order to rescue long-time friend, Tifa.

All in all, the plot of Final Fantasy VII is deep and worthy of the often over-used epic title. Even today, although aged, it is impossible to not recommend Final Fantasy VII to anyone who has yet to try the game. With there being the option of playing it on iOS, PC or PS3/PS4, there’s really no excuses.

Square-Enix are currently remaking Final Fantasy VII, from scratch, for the PS4 (other consoles/PC yet to be announced). Time will tell whether it lives up to the hype…

One thought on “#66 Final Fantasy VII

  1. It’s not a remake it’s final fantasy mystical quest 2 the dumb dumb verison it’s all greed I guest reimage and spin off do not sell well or not hype up enough no turn base what a joke and the game is not finish it’s going to be worst remake in history I am not buying it I wonder they going to say they Change the gameplay so can be modern because it’s action rpg which were before turn base .action jrpg all ways flop against turn base jrpg it’s nitch to them yeah the game will sell the top guy will get a raise because final fantasy is a name brand and action games all ways sell more but the truth it’s nothing more than a scam it’s lazy they can not come up with any thing that works so they punder to dumb american it’s no street fighter2 turbo


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