#88 Tech Romancer


  • Original release year: 1998
  • Consoles: Arcade, Dreamcast

As somewhat of a big Super Sentai and Power Rangers fan (yes, I know…), Tech Romancer appealed to me. Drawing heavy influence from Mecha anime, Tech Romancer is a 3D fighting game from Capcom, that allows you to fight as huge mechas on a flat 3D plane, filled with buildings and other terrain. You know what’s awesome? You can smash the other player through buildings, and yep, there are plenty of power ups and weapons to make the game even more interesting.

Fighting fans looking something a little different and wacky on the Dreamcast should definitely check this game out. It’s pretty fun and offers something different from traditional fighters.

The battles are epic.
The battles are epic.

The game offers a traditional Arcade mode, but it also has a story mode, with unique stories for each available mecha, as well as branching paths, giving the game a little bit extra longevity than your average fighter. It’s fun to replay through the mode and see all of the different story options. The story mode is quite simply amazing.

Although Tech Romancer is, on a fundamental level, fairly similar to a lot of other Capcom fighters, Tech Romancer is still a blast to play and offers enough different gameplay mechanics to help it stand out from the pack. The mechs control like mechs and therefore, the game plays very differently to traditional human fighters.

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