#103 The Secret of Monkey Island


  • Original release year: 1990
  • Consoles: Amiga, Atari ST, CDTV,FM Towns, Mac OS, MS-DOS, Sega CD/Mega CD (Special Edition: iOS, Windows, OS X, PS3, Xbox 360)

Ah, now this is a game that brings back memories. It’s not one I actually owned myself, but my best friend had it back in the early 90s on his parents’ PC. I used to go over his house a lot and we’d play it together, trying to solve the game’s many bizarre puzzles. It was the first ‘point and click’ adventure game I had played and memories of this fantastic, unique gem have stuck with me ever since. I eventually downloaded the game in the 2000s and completed it by running the game on DosBox. Then I bought the special remastered version for the PS3 a few years back.

As you do...
As you do…

The Secret of Monkey Island is a game that is made special by both the developer’s dry and unique sense of humour and the inventive puzzles and storytelling. The latter is incredible, as everything about this game, is centred on the pirates theme. Characters, especially the protagonist, Guybrush Threepwood, are full to the brim with personality. Much of the humour comes from Guybrush, the wannabe pirate who is just a little bit useless at being a pirate. The game is simply charming and remarkable in how far the developers went to make it feel like a true pirate adventure.

This is a joke...
This is a joke…

As I mentioned before, it’s the humour that really makes the game awesome. Unlike so many video games that try, The Secret of Monkey Island is genuinely ‘laugh out loud’ funny. Like the ‘random battles’ you encounter that require you to insult your opponent and respond to their insults with quick fired comebacks.  Or the time you poison some dogs, and the game flashes up with a warning message assuring the player that no dogs were harmed in the development of the game and that these dogs are merely “sleeping”.

Everything about Monkey Island is just brilliant. The atmosphere, sound and graphics are near perfect. The Secret of Monkey Island is possible the best ‘point and click’ adventure game that has ever been and ever will be. The remastered edition is pretty cool

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