#115 Resident Evil Code: Veronica


  • Original release year: 2000
  • Consoles: Dreamcast (later: PS2, GameCube, XBox 360, PS3)

I often feel like Code Veronica gets a bad rap. It kinda had an awkward release, feeling like part of the main series, but not actually being a numbered entry. It was also the first ‘next gen’ Resident Evil title (back when the 128-bit era was the ‘next gen’), being released early on, exclusively for the Dreamcast and retained much of the core mechanics of the PS1 games. As such, I feel it gets forgotten about or people don’t look at it fondly, because it was originally a Dreamcast title and wasn’t as revolutionary and pretty as Resident Evil 4. Ironically, it’s actually more like a sequel to RE2 and feels more like RE3 than the actual RE3 did. Overall though, I feel it has one of the creepiest and coolest storylines, I love the 3D environments (a first for the series), the lighting effects were great and it had some excellent puzzles. I love Code Veronica and it’s as scary as any of the other entries.

Code Veronica follows Claire Redfield, her brother Chris Redfield, and Steve Burnside in their efforts to survive a viral outbreak at both a remote prison island in the South Pacific and a research facility in Antarctica. The plot is creepy as fuck, touching on subjects such as incest, with the main villain being the bizarre Alfred Ashford, a crazy schizophrenic.

Gameplay and story wise, Code Veronica is probably my favourite ‘old’ Resident Evil game. It retains some of the series’ renowned ‘clunkiness’, like the tank controls, but it also adds some cool touches, like the 3D environments, the new weapons, including the use of wielding dual weapons. It’s creepy and scary too and there’s some awesome boss battles.

5 thoughts on “#115 Resident Evil Code: Veronica

  1. A blog about games, you must be a virgin. All I know is I’ll never know. I’ll have an original joke to make, “Soon”.

    Whatever, it’s all shit because it’s nu-metal.

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    1. No, not given up. Just a temporary hiatus, whilst I find the time and motivation to write some more reviews. Unfortunately, every day life has got in the way of me writing for a bit.

      I’ll be posting again, “soon”. I’m about halfway through my next review and I’ve got a few ideas for some more reviews to write soon, I’ll be back.

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