#28 Vib-Ribbon


  • Original release year: 1999
  • Consoles: PS1 (later: PS3)

It’s a shame Vib-Ribbon has largely been forgotten over the years, because it truly is an incredibly unique game and also one of the best rhythm games of all time. In fact, it’s the only rhythm game I actually really like.

The game is simple, really. In Vib-Ribbon you play the rabbit character above, called Vibri. You must navigate through unique obstacle courses that are generated from the music track playing. To get through the course successfully, you must press the correct button (or combination of buttons) in time to the music.

Stick in Slayer's Reign in Blood and give it a try. You'll thank me later.
Stick in Slayer’s Reign in Blood and give it a try. You’ll thank me later.

There are a number of tracks in the game, but one of the best features, is that you can pop open the disc tray on your PS1 and put in any music CD you like and each song will generate its own unique course. Remember, this was a time long before custom soundtracks were a common feature in video games. Want to party like it’s an S Club party? Stick S Club 7 in. Or if Pantera is more your thing, give Vulgar Display of Power a try.

I’m probably one of the few people out there who personally plays using a lot of Death Metal. Trying to play the game with Dream Theater also wasn’t one of my brightest moments, so you might want to limit it to songs that are less than 4 minutes and don’t change time signature every 12.7 seconds, but either way, you’re always going to have fun with Vib-Ribbon; whether your trying out Classical Music, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop Mathcore, Grindcore, Apple Core or Andrea Corr, the game is an absolute blast to play.

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