#23 Sonic Lost World


  • Original release year: 2013
  • Consoles: Wii U

Okay, okay, here me out on this one. I know what you’re thinking, you’re either in one of two camps; either the “3D Sonic sucks” camp, or the “with exception of Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors, 3D Sonic sucks” camp (or I suppose there’s also the “Sonic in general sucks” camp, but we don’t like those guys. Those guys hate cute kittens and hate fun).

But here’s the thing… I actually really quite like Sonic Lost World.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the game has its flaws. I know I went through a range of emotions whilst playing the game. In fact, it went something like this: 1) Hmm, the level design is confusing, the controls are awkward and both of these points together makes for some slightly clumsy gameplay. 2) Ok, I just unlocked a NiGHTS inspired level. Changed my mind, this game is AWESOME! 3) Okay, I’m used to the controls now and like it. 4) What the fuck is this level? This sucks. 5) Wow, this level is a lot of fun. 6) repeat points 4 and 5 until the end.

This level is pretty awesome.
This level is pretty awesome.

So when I think of Sonic Lost World, I think of potential, because it feels like of all the recent Sonic titles, this is the one that had the most potential. If only they had just spent a few more months working on the level designs and tweaking what worked and scrapping what didn’t. You see, with Sonic Lost World, it feels like Sega were literally throwing everything at the walls to see what stuck. Some parts are fantastic, but some parts are just… eh. Despite the rough parts, the production is just incredibly solid. The graphics are crisp and, as per usual for the Sonic series, the music is absolutely sublime.

FREE Zelda, Yoshi and NiGHTS DLC? HELL YES! Although NiGHTS was a pre-order bonus.
FREE Zelda, Yoshi and NiGHTS DLC? HELL YES! Although NiGHTS was a pre-order bonus.

Overall, what makes Sonic Lost World well worth playing is, compared to the 3D Sonic games that preceded it, the slightly slower speed and higher emphasis placed on platforming makes it play far closer in style to the original Genesis/Mega Drive series. The imaginative and buzzing level design is a real strong point as well, with alternative routes and heavier emphasis on exploration. Unfortunately, it’s marred by the bosses (the deadly six), which are pretty meh bosses (they’re all fairly lame and, strategy wise, very simple), some lame gimmicky ideas/zones (e.g. a level where you’re a snowball – I mean, just why?), bland 2D sections (this time around, they are definitely the worst parts) and the return of the whisp powers from Sonic Colors.

If you’re a Sonic fan and enjoyed some of the 3D outings, get this. Don’t let some of the reviews fool you. It’s downright ridiculous that some sites/magazines were scoring this as low as Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 and other crappy games. Whether you enjoy this as much as Generations or Colors is down to your taste, since the style and engine is very different, but regardless, it’s still one of Sonic‘s best 3D games, despite its flaws.

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