#100 Little Big Adventure 2 / Twinsen’s Odyssey


  • Original release year: 1997
  • Consoles: Windows

The first Little Big Adventure game threw the player in the deep end, forcing players to learn the ropes or face repeated death until they did learn the ropes. As I noted in my review, it took me ages to escape from the prison, the game’s introductory level. Little Big Adventure 2 begins a little more leisurely. Set after the first game, Twinsen is a hero and Twinsun, the world Twinsen lives on, is now a peaceful area. But when a huge storm occurs, the adventure begins again and evil starts to show its ugly face again…

Gameplay-wise, with exception of the slower start, Little Big Adventure plays just like the first game, but the world is much bigger. The biggest change is with the graphics. Oddly, although it does work well enough, all areas outside are constructed with full 3D polygons, as seen above, whilst indoor environments are created with the isometric quasi-3D style that the predecessor had.

Fans of the first game will love the sequel just as much. It’s still batshit crazy. Twinsen is still a funkier Jesus, there’s still walking talking rabbits, there’s still evil, shooting elephants that honestly scared me more than they should have done and it’s still your job to travel the world on your mission to save Twinsun.

On the left is what the game looks like when you're inside a building or dungeon. The right is what the environments look like when outside.
On the left is what the game looks like when you’re inside a building or dungeon. The right is what the environments look like when outside.

Unfortunately, the same flaws that were found in the first game, also return for the sequel. It’s not quite as clunky and awkward as its predecessor, but you still need to switch between the four specific attitudes to do certain actions. Unlike modern games where you would just hit a button to jump, or another button to punch etc, here you have the four moods : Normal, Sporty, Aggressive, and Discreet. So, if you need to be stealthy, you’re going to have to hit the ‘Discreet’ button. If you need to run or jump, you need to make sure you’re in ‘Sporty’ mode. Need to fight? Yup, you better get into the ‘Aggressive’ mode. And finally, just need to walk, pick up objects and talk to people, you need to be in ‘Normal’. Compared to modern standards, it’s pretty weird, but you get used to it. The latest Steam re-release has most likely fixed this, like the re-release of the first game.

Little Big Adventure, like the first game, is a massive, weird and downright bizarre adventure game. It has such a unique feel to it. The story isn’t as strong as the first game, but it’s still great fun, as you travel across a vast world, meeting a diverse cast of characters. There’s lots of puzzles and wacky gameplay mechanics to be found in LBA2 and I cannot recommend it enough.

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